ODIX CDR as a Service

Advanced anti-malware, file sanitization process on the cloud
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Now you can use ODIX anti-malware CDR cloud service to ensure your service is safe!

ODI now offers a free trial of it’s anti-malware

CDR technology for developers and

integrators as a service (CDRaaS)


ODIX advanced anti-malware

A detection-less malware defense that protects your app from malware – both known and unknown.

ODI core technology is built on a patented process for files sanitization; we call the process “ODIXing”.

Who could benefit ODIX?

Any app (mobile or web) that involves files transfer from users to the server and vise-versa requires to deploy cyber security methods ensuring no malware or threat penetrates the main system.

Sample applications developed leveraging the ODIX CDR could include file sanitization of incoming email, downloaded files, stored files on a cloud or file server, or any other file processing application.

ODIX Benefits:

ODIX Technology
Technology – ODI leverages its proprietary ODIX True Content Disarm and Reconstruction (True CDR™) technology. While Anti-virus blocks files from known malware only, the TrueCDR process the files and perform a unique sanitization process from any malware.
ODIX Transparent to users
Transparent to users – keeping the original file format without losing files features; for example, a DOCX file will remain a DOCX file. The ODIXing process provides sanitized files and not just blocks files like any other anti-virus.
ODIX Commonly used files support
Commonly used files support – our list of supported files includes diverse types like Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, PNG, MP3 and more.
ODIX Seamless API for ISV
Seamless API for ISV – independent software vendors can benefit the ODIX CDR API and easily add file sanitization capability to their apps. Check out our latest cloud based API.

Need more information?

Our team is happy to provide more details regarding our TrueCDR anti-malware technology in general and specifically on how to use our API.