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odix is committed to providing best of breed malware prevention solutions for enterprises. Based on our proprietary, field-proven Deep File Analysis technology we help companies to better protect themselves from file-based attacks.

We partner with MSSPs, MSPs, Microsoft CSPs and IT service providers to make it easier for companies to purchase and deploy odix security solutions.

odix provides its certified partners with access to comprehensive knowledge base, training programs, dedicated customer success team, and sales & marketing support.

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The odix – Pillar Technology partnership allows Pillar to help clients address the critical threat vector with a unique and highly effective tool for disarming weaponized attachments. We believe this partnership will allow us to improve security posture of Pillar clients, protecting them from threat actors.

Skeet Spillane | Founder and CEO

Eastburn Associates is excited to be working globally, with odix on the next generation of file sanitization technologies and applicable use cases. We truly work together in developing clients’ realization of the highest ROI. We believe the best technical solution accompanied with the best in class business process analytics and security operations capabilities provide the market a winning formula.

Reid Eastburn, Founder, Eastburn Associates

File-based attacks are one of the top attacks vectors the market is currently facing. Although most Enterprises invest millions in cyber security tools, they remain vulnerable to new zero-day attacks and malware which bypass common type filters. We have partnered with odix to address one of the weakest points in many organization’s cyber security infrastructure.

Koshy Oommen | Director of Operations

In recent months, Renaissance has witnessed a growing demand in the enterprise market for advanced security solutions. odix is the ideal solution to add to our cybersecurity portfolio to help us in our mission to strengthen Ireland’s cybersecurity landscape. Their outstanding patent CDR and DFA technology brings a revolutionary vision to malware prevention. Renaissance is confident that bringing odix to the Irish market will have a significant positive effect on countless organisations across the cybersecurity industry.

Michael Conway | Director

We are excited to partner with odix. The unique patent CDR technology brings a different vision to the malware prevention. Adopting odix, it helps our customers to free from malicious content with no limitation for the user to access their files. And true CDR technology takes into consideration that the organization needs to continue to operate as normal, our customers can mitigate their risks of the unexpected attack will impact to their business.

Katherine Li | CEO of Integrity Labs

The InfoGuard - odix partnership allows us to help our business customers address the critical, File-Based threat vector with a unique and highly effective tool for disarming embedded malware within files. Our vast experience with odix demonstrates that in addition to their patented Deep File Analysis technology, their team is responsive, professional, and customer-centric

Oded Dolev | Sales, and Business development manager

odix is the industry's leading expert in zero-trust files

Alex Chang | COO, Fairline Technology Co.

We believe that the file-based approach of odix technology can provide our partners with a winning alternative to current security solutions offering, helping them to reach new customers and thus to increase their business. The exclusive distribution of a range of such cutting-edge products allows our company to fully satisfy the uncovered needs of the IT security landscape.

Resham Ganglani | CEO of Halodata International

From a technical and security point of view, odix is very easy to deploy and provides an incredible seamless extra layer of security thanks to their patented True CDR technology. Allowing policies based on users or groups every company can adjust its settings to their specific needs. FileWall for Microsoft 365 is an incredible add-on to protect email, transparent for users but highly secure for the company. IT Admins can be relaxed with odix for an organization’s file-based malware attack.

Antonio Herraez | CTO

We are excited to introduce FileWall, an essential security service for Microsoft 365 users in our marketplace. We see a growing demand for advanced security solutions including for Microsoft 365 users. File collaboration applications are popular attack vectors for hackers and antivirus-based solutions are not sufficient to grant effective elimination of malware.

Michal Goldstein |Business Partner Manager

In recent months we have witnessed a growing demand in the enterprise market for advanced security solutions. The email channel has become the main attack channel for hackers and antivirus-based solutions that can be hacked. The rules of the game now demand an additional set of advanced solutions that we now can offer to our distribution and to our customers today and in the future through our partnership with odix.

Doron Bason | Managing Director at C-Data Cloud

It is increasingly hard to keep pace with cybercrime using established technologies. Therefore, I am particularly pleased to collaborate with a company that has chosen to counteract criminals by adopting an innovative approach. The odix solutions expand the range of options available to CISOs to cope with new threats and provide partners with an interesting opportunity to differentiate their offers. On this basis, the partnership with odix will not fail to give us mutual satisfaction

Federico Marini | Managing Director

odix helps SVA’s customers keep their data safe from unknown malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks. Their proven TrueCDR malware prevention technology is effective against file-based attacks and avoids the need for heavy tools such as a sandbox.

Timothy Liu | Co-founder & General Manager

Our CloudBlue GTM Fast-Track Program is designed to empower vendors to overcome the challenges they face and to help them build the broadest network of CSP and MSP partners. We are excited to work with odix, to scale their business and better enable their partner networks to reach new levels.

Tarik Faouzi | Vice President

We are very excited to announce the availability of FileWall’s deep file analysis services to our resellers. With the demand for security against file-based attacks on the rise, odix’s malware prevention solutions are more relevant than ever. Our resellers will now be able to offer their customers the detection plans from odix as a complementary security layer to their Microsoft 365 offering.

Stamatis Barbounakis | VP of Sales

As a key and leading partner in Microsoft's cloud services, the field of information security is at the core of our work. Our vision is to make available to our customers the best and most advanced tools in the industry. In the last few months, we have thoroughly examined the odix’s FileWall email security add-on for Microsoft 365 and have been very impressed with it.” “As a result of our satisfaction, we decided to install it immediately to all the email accounts in our organization using Exchange online. Based on our successful experience with FileWall, we recommend that all our customers install it in their email accounts, and encourage them to do so. In addition, we will offer all our customers help with initial deployment and setup and even integrate FileWall into our security workshops and marketing programs, with a strong belief in its protection capabilities."

Mark Blank, CEO

odix brings a different vision to the malware prevention market. Different than a signature or AI-based approach which needs occasional updates and can not protect from Zero-Days, odix deep dives into the source of the malware: files!
For us, Security can not be bought, therefore we are a proud partner of odix in eliminating the malware from files.

We are extremely excited to partner with odix because they are not only the greatest & the best when it comes to Files scanning & prevention but what makes them unique is their patent with Content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) also known as Threat Extraction, proactively protecting against known & unknown threats contained in documents by removing executable content. The solution is unique because it doesn’t only depend on detection like most security vendors solutions but their PATENT & accuracy in reconstructing the files is what sets them apart. Our client would certainly benefit from the value that odix can provide from day one & thus we call them the Zero Day for File Management.”

Jude Pereira | Managing Director, Nanjgel Solutions

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