NetFolder - Your
Ransomware Protector

Eliminating the threat of hidden malware and
embedded malicious code in all commonly used files

Cyber-attacks, such as Ransomware almost always starts with an innocent looking file with malicious code embedded in it.
Once the malicious file is opened, the execution either takes over the endpoint, blocks access to servers or populate the hacking across the network.
Here’s the problem for most companies: the current anti-malware solutions cannot detect Zero-Day attacks.

NetFolder – essential security layer
supporting your daily business operations

Web downloads
to the network

Web uploads of
candidates CV

Attachments upload
in Self-service portal

Safe files upload in
suppliers portal

Secure FTP between

Robotic Process
Automation (RPA) in which
files are processed

Virtual vaults

Smart hacking requires disruptive malware
prevention technology

Traditional anti-malware solutions are based on detection methods.
As a result, they lack the ability to detect Zero-Day attacks. With
NetFolder, odix introduces a disruptive approach to protecting
companies from file-based attacks. NetFolder provides an advanced
security layer based on odix’s proprietary deep file analysis
method and its patented TrueCDR™ (Content Disarm and
Reconstruction) algorithm. The CDR is a preventative process of
scanning files and neutralizing any potentially malicious code.

NetFolder – Your weapon against File-Based attacks

With odix NetFolder, files are securely disassembled and
reconstructed in real time. The sanitized files retain their original
functionality and are safe to use. With NetFolder, information
security is dramatically enhanced without any impact to system
performance or business continuity.

CDR Insights by Cyber Analysts

CDR removes zero-day malware and exploits, while avoiding the negative business productivity impact that is typically caused by sandbox

Source: Market Guide for Secure Email Gateways by Gartner

CDR can be used as a supplement or replacement for network sandboxing

Source: Differentiating Capabilities listed in the “Market Analysis” by Gartner

NetFolder is available for quick
deployment through Azure Marketplace


Hilay Selivansky
CTO, Chief Architect and vice CIO
at Tel-Aviv Municipality

“We take our residents and team’s safety very seriously.
Partnering with odix has made a big impact in relieving us from having to choose between the cutting
edge experience our residents love, and keeping their data secure and the city operating properly. We
expect that preventing malware attacks with the help of this partnership, instead of just reacting to
hackers, will lead to one our best returns on security investments.”

case study

Disarming hidden malware from files