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Proprietary Deep File Inspection and TrueCDR™ algorithm for efficient Malware Prevention

Why are companies still vulnerable?

Because the current anti-malware solutions cannot detect zero-day attacks when they first appear.

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Why Anti-Virus and SandBox are not sufficient against File-Based attacks?

Why Anti-Virus and SandBox are
not sufficient against File-Based attacks?

Anti-virus is simply not equipped to detect the ever-evolving zero-day attacks. Anti-Virus labs identify new malicious malware within days, weeks or months and updates are not released until the malware is identified. this gap is more than enough time for malware to wreak havoc on an organizational network. sandbox technology cannot identify zero-day or split attacks than execute under special circumstances. Sandbox evasion is a known technique among cyber criminals than is constatly being improved upon because ransomware and cyber threats is big business.

Deep File Inspection and TrueCDR™ - Effective Malware Prevention Today

Deep File Inspection and TrueCDRTM -
Effective Malware Prevention Today

odix’s malware prevention solutions are based on its patented Deep File Inspection and TrueCDR™ technology. The algorithms provide new detection-less approach against File-Based attacks. The core CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstructions) process focuses on verifying the validity of the file structure on the binary level and disarms both known and unknown threats. This is very different from anti-virus and sandbox methods that scan for threats, detect a subset of malware and block files. With CDR, all malwares, including zero-days, are prevented and the user gets a safe copy of the originally infected file.


Deep File inspection Process

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