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How to buy & deploy FileWall?

There are a few ways to get FileWall:

1. Azure Marketplace

2. Microsoft AppSource

3. odix’s certified Microsoft 365 partners and resellers

Get FileWall through the Azure portal marketplace:

1. Login to your Azure account at the Azure Portal Marketplace:

2. Open the marketplace service. If you don’t see a link on the home page you can type “marketplace” in the top search bar:

3. Type “Filewall” in the marketplace search bar:

4. Click on “FileWall™ for Exchange Online:

5. Click on the “Subscribe” button:

6. Fill in the details and click “subscribe”:

Why does the Kiosk include 3 Anti-viruses’ engines?

odix’s best practices from years of experience brought us to the conclusion to include 3 Anti Viruses’ engines in the Kiosk as part of the file sanitization process we apply on the files.

With more than 3 AV engines users can get many false positives and it simply makes the process heavier without real benefit of increasing the security level.

How can I get NetFolder license for 30 days free trial?

First, how do you get NetFolder for Azure? You can easily get it through the Azure Marketplace. Just log in to the Azure portal, go to the marketplace, type in NetFolder in the search bar, and click on the NetFolder search result. And if you will go to the plan and pricing page. You will see that we have two paid offers; one capable of processing thousands of files per hour. The second one is capable of processing a hundred files per hour. And the last one is a free 30-day trial which you can activate at no cost. Please pay attention; the managed application that’s created for the free trial does not terminate after 30 days of the license expired. You will need to manually remove those VMs after 30 days to not encore the VM charges.

How can I estimate the needed resources required for my project?

We’ve created a calculator to help you estimate the number of instances you need to support the number of files you wish to sanitize daily.

Why didn’t FileWall™ sanitize my attachment?

Although FileWall™ can sanitize the most common attachment types, you may receive an attachment of an unsupported or unrecognized type or an attachment type that is not part of your FileWall™ package. In such instances, a message is displayed in the message preview indicating that sanitization of the attachments was not possible. Open and use the attachment(s) listed in the message only if you trust the sender and are confident that it does not pose a risk.

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