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What is FileDiligence?

The FileDiligence service provides a high-end scanning and cleansing process of storages and data-centers containing massive numbers of files. The cleansing process is required to ensure there is no hidden malware embedded in any of the files.

The FileDiligence service consist of flexible setup of NetFolder (odix’s File Sanitization solution) instances in a scalable manner and enables companies to run the service as needed.

Getting start with the FileDiligence service is simple and doesn’t require any API integration. The NetFolder’s instances that can be either deployed at the customer premises or as managed service in Microsoft Azure within a click deployment.

The FileDiligence service applies Deep File Analysis (DFA) sanitization process using the most advanced odix TrueCDR anti-malware technology.

Who needs FileDiligence?

The trivial solution in M&A, where data import is required, or in cases that the data center is under potential risk - is to scan all files with anti-virus This method has 2 main challenges: Old file types that the AV doesn’t support.

AV fall short to detect new unknown malware embedded in files especially with unique files such as: password protected files, nested files, archive etc.

That is why companies who are using the FileDiligence service ensure all scanned files are Malware-Free.


Companies who required to import a data center due to merger and/or acquisition of another company

am i under attack?

Any organization who is not aware they experienced a cyber incident but want to be sure their data centers are safe

i am under attack!

Companies who experienced a cyber incident and need to be 100% sure all their data centers are malware-free

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