odix’s whitelisting solution provides organizations with a very high level of information security, while maintaining the quality of files and system performance. Its uniqueness lies in the ability to protect files from known and unknown cyber attacks as well as AI powered Cyber attacks.

As part of the deal signed, SecureNet from the Aman Group will exclusively represent the On-prem products that odix develops. Cybercrime is the biggest threat to any organization worldwide, especially in this era where companies are investing in various information and cyber security tools to identify attacks. Yet, one of the weakest links in an organization’s cyber security infrastructure is the unknown malicious software – Unknown Cyber Attacks, which bypass existing cyber security systems.

Uniquely, odix’s solution based on Content Disarm & Reconstruction (TrueCDR™) technology protects files from known (AV) and unknown attacks such as Malware attack, Phishing Attack, Password Attack. odix’s whitelisting solution is a unique solution that provides organizations using it with a very high level of information security without compromising system performance. The solution consists of several components, with the core technology being CDR and 12 registered patents by odix, developed in Israel by top experts with extensive experience in the fields of cyber, encryption, and information security. One of the main strengths of odix’s whitelisting system is that it can be operated on the Ubuntu Linux operating system, which is known to be more resilient than other operating systems and has better hardening capabilities.

Ido Lakshev, VP of Sales at SecureNet: “odix leads in cyber security solutions and we are excited to announce the partnership with them. In today’s digital age, where cybercrime is accelerating, every organization needs to establish a security network. odix’s information security solution provides the highest level of security and ensures optimal system performance. We are confident that this partnership will enable us to streamline our customers’ operations and further strengthen their resilience to cyber threats.

Haim Schwartz, VP of Sales at odix: “We are happy about the collaboration and trust SecureNet from the Aman Group places in odix. With odix’s deep file analysis technology CDR, we are pleased to provide file whitelisting solutions, and maintain the highest service and quality that SecureNet customers from the Aman Group have been accustomed to until today.

SecureNet, founded in 1991, provides network service protection, information security solutions, computer support, and IT consulting, based on a business understanding of their goals and handles all aspects of their clients’ IT infrastructure, including hardware and software management, maintenance, and additional technology needs.

The Aman Group is one of the top five IT companies in Israel, empowering large organizations through technology, innovation, and people. The group employs about 4,000 people globally and owns 11 subsidiaries offering B2B solutions in every possible technological area – data, digital, cyber and information security, knowledge management, development, infrastructure, supply chain, chip strategies, and more, including technological manpower solutions in outsourcing and offshore models from various global centres. The company provides services to leading companies in the domestic and international market.

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odix, founded in 2009, provides unique technology for the effective neutralization of malware in seemingly innocent files used by hackers to penetrate organizational networks. odix’s customers use on-premises solutions for complex and sensitive installations such as nuclear facilities, energy, healthcare, banking, and security and governmental organizations in North America, Europe, and Israel. odix’s whitelisting stations can be deployed as a standard desktop station and contain hardened software and hardware components that ensure maximum resistance to various attack scenarios.

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