The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association brings together top developers, innovators, and cyber companies to enhance cooperation and expand security capabilities of Microsoft platforms.

By fostering a community of industry leading cyber security professionals and many of the young and dynamic voices influencing cyber dev-ops today, MISA is laying the foundations for a more secure digital future to the hundreds of millions of Microsoft platform users worldwide.

This blog will take a look at the value MISA plays in improving the Microsoft 365 security landscape and the role induvial member and third-party software providers, like odix, can have in improving security protocols for the Microsoft user’s community.

What is MISA and what does it do?

The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) was formed in 2018 to provide a space for premier cybersecurity companies to collaborate, and better integrate their technologies with the most used Microsoft platforms.

As MISA expanded to include a broader group of cyber security experts it rose to include 156 members, all strategically picked to address the evolving security threats impacting user experience of Microsoft customers in all market segments.

MISA uniquely fosters relationships between the innovative designers and developers creating cyber security products through Microsoft Sentinel and the Graph API and their counterparts at Microsoft.

By creating more effective partnerships and collaboration opportunities, MISA helps to provide more robust security capabilities for the broadest set of Microsoft 365 users.

For MISA members the association provides the avenues to; enrich security products, execute go-to-market strategy, connect with customers and other MISA partners, and ease integration into the Microsoft ecosystem.

According to Rani Lofstrom, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Security, MISA was launched to “offer our customers holistic solutions that help them better defend against a world of increasing threats.”

In its short history MISA has begun to expanded beyond security software providers to include Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP’s), leading security tech companies and dynamic startups to build a cooperative environment based on improving security protections for the Microsoft 365 user community.

Why did odix join MISA?

Like many of the members of MISA, odix was exuberant at the opportunity to form a closer and more fluid relationship with the developers and designers of the Microsoft 365 email platform. By forming a clear line of communication between third party developers and those creating the larger app, odix has the ability to more quickly report system flaws and vulnerabilities, as well as brainstorming ways to better integrate the Filewall product into existing Microsoft security protocols.

According to odix CEO, Dr. Oren Eytan “Joining MISA was the outgrowth of Microsoft’s recognition of the innovative technology and market demand for odix’s CDR solutions. With our participation in MISA odix is better positioned to integrate our products for 365 users and improve Microsoft native security protocol. With Microsoft’s cutting-edge platforms, and our innovative CDR products, we couldn’t be happier to bring our worlds together to help remove the threat of malware for millions of Microsoft 365 users globally.”

With its role in MISA odix plans to expand its CDR product offering and provide the maximum added value to Microsoft 365 users through native level integration.

Value of MISA

From established players in cyber defense to some of the most intriguing and dynamic cyber startups impacting security app development, MISA is facilitating collaboration and smother integration of third-party applications into the full range of Microsoft’s product offering.

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