Cyber-attacks, like Phishing and Ransomware, are often guided by innocent-looking files with hidden malware embedded within. Once the malicious files are opened, the execution either takes over the endpoint, blocks access to servers, or populates the hacking across the network in seconds, causing loss of data and

With the threat of file-based attacks growing by the day, a new and scalable solution for file sanitization across file transfer portals and between networks had to meet the growing consumer need. That’s why odix created NetFolder: your weapon against File-based attacks.

Smart hacking requires disruptive malware prevention technology

Traditional anti-malware solutions are based on detection methods. As a result, they cannot detect Zero-Day attacks and leave users at risk.

With NetFolder, odix introduces a disruptive approach to protecting companies from file-based attacks. NetFolder provides an advanced security layer based on odix’s proprietary deep file analysis method and its patented TrueCDR™ (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) algorithm. The CDR is a detection less process that scans files and neutralizing any potentially malicious code hidden inside.

NetFolder – Your weapon against File-Based attacks

With NetFolder, your files are securely disassembled and reconstructed in real-time without any impact on system latency. After the CDR process, the sanitized files retain their original functionality and are safe to use without the risk of embedded malware or malicious code. With NetFolder, information security is dramatically enhanced without any impact on system performance or business continuity.

NetFolder – essential security layer supporting your daily business operations.

NetFolder Supports:

  • Web downloads
  • Web upload’s of CV
  • Attachments in self-service portals
  • Secure FTP between networks
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Virtual Vaults

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