On Sep 15, 11:00 am EST odix will be hosting a webinar with Michael Osterman (of Osterman Research) on the security value of third-party application integration within Microsoft 365.

Michael Osterman, a globally recognized expert on IT technology, market trends and innovative industry leaders will discuss the current scope of Microsoft 356’s native security offerings, including ATP & EOP.

Michael will address the dynamic range of third-party applications which complement and compete with Microsoft 365 security offering.

In his overview of the security environment of Microsoft 365, Osterman will elaborate on the value of combining third party integration with multiple Microsoft 365 plans to decrease cyber risk.

According to Osterman: “Office/Microsoft 365 is a solid platform that offers a wide range of useful communications, collaboration and other capabilities. Organizations that are not using it should seriously consider doing so. However, while Microsoft offers security capabilities natively within the platform, these are generally not as effective or as sophisticated as those available from many third-party vendors.”

The Webinar will also include a live demo of the recently launched native Microsoft 365 CDR application, Filewall by odix. Omri Eytan, odix CTO will touch upon FileWall’s deployment within Microsoft 365 and how it complements potential gaps in Microsoft ATP & EOP.

The upcoming webinar will be a prime showcase of the value of third-party applications in expanding Microsoft 365’s security capabilities. With Michael’s vast knowledge and the exciting recent deployment of FileWall, the event will be a great opportunity to talk about essential additional security layers which now accessible to Microsoft 365 users.


  • Welcome and introduction –Yehudah Sunshine, Head of PR, odix
  • The importance of third-party security solutions for Microsoft 365- Michael Osterman, Osterman Research
  • FileWall for Microsoft 365 Exchange online live demo- Omri Eytan, CTO, odix
  • Q&A and Closing remarks

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About the speakers:

Michael Osterman leads Osterman Research; a firm specializing in the creation of user guides for IT professionals, corporate counsel and senior management to incorporate best practices in matters related to messaging, collaboration and storage.

Omri Eytan, odix CTO is an avid technophile. Played major roles in various companies in the advertising, telecom and infrastructure sectors in the last 15 years as a programmer, researcher, strategist and manager. Omri has a bachelor’s degree in bioinformatics and is currently completing his master’s degree in design.