A few short weeks ago odix CEO, Dr. Oren Eytan was privileged to join Shaun St. Hill on the Tech & Main Podcast to speak about his journey from 18-year-old military recruit to Head of the IDF’s cyber defense unit and eventually the founder and CEO of one of the most innovative cyber startups in Israel.

We have collected some of the highlights below:

Shaun St. Hill: When we think of the IDF, what would you say is the most important characteristics of an officer?

Oren Eytan: Officers in the IDF are trained to led, in particular to be an example, look at me and do the same. This is how they are educated because in the end of the day, when you grow within the ranks, you will be leading large organizations, and they are always looking to the top.”

Shaun St. Hill: What has you most excited on the daily basis:

Oren Eytan: Prior to the Corona virus, the most exciting part of my day is interacting with my team. Understanding each individuals’ challenges and helping them meet their potential was what really got me out of bed. Since we have shifted to primary remote working, now our challenges have shifted to ensuring clear communication and hear their needs to build the best environment for all of us. While we may have all saved some time in the commute we’ve lost some of the social aspect, and the biggest issue I’ve found is trying my best to connect and support our organization during this odd time.

Shaun St. Hill: How have you kept team members engaged during the pandemic?

Oren Eytan: While we’ve lost all the travel and face to face interaction, we are doing our best to maintain a deep reaching discussions and collaborate but this evolution takes time and we are all clearly adjusting

What is the biggest cyber issue your clients are facing?

During the past year, we’ve seen a big uptick in remote working, combined with our gov’t customers who have stopped having face to face contact with the public. This has forced our customers to think more about secure ways to submit data and creative ways to sanitize the content before it could cause harm during the process. We see a increase in cyber attacks and the resulting penetration hackers have found in this time has caused many to re access their understanding of cyber security.

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