Year in Review

2020, more so than any time in recent memory has seen massive shifts in how and where people do business. From the near universal work from home trends to the resulting need to enhance interorganizational communication and network security, 2020 has forced many to redefine how they do business.

For odix, 2020 has been a defining year for our expanded product offerings, international partners and global reputation as an industry leader in Content Disarm & Reconstruction technology. While the world has been adopting to the new normal, the odix team has been hard at work to provide the most innovative deep file inspection solutions for a broad range of industries. While it would be easy to falter at these massive changes, many, including the odix team, have risen to the task to find new solutions to prevent malware risk and enhance cybersecurity.

FileWallTM Launch: creating new security standard for Microsoft 365

In September, odix officially launched FileWall™ for GA to noticeable praise across various major software review platforms (FileWall has an overall 5 star rating on: Capterra, G2, Trust Radius, Source Force, Finance Online and the Microsoft AppSource).

FileWall was built with sponsorship from the European Commission (Horizon 2020) to provide enterprise- grade CDR malware protection for SMBs.FileWall is a native CDR- based security application for Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes, designed to run in conjunction with existing Microsoft security solutions, such as Exchange Online Protection and Advanced Threat Protection, to provide comprehensive content inspection and malware- disarming capabilities against file-based attacks.

The FileWall launch uniquely positions odix as an innovator bringing military grade security protection for the Microsoft 365 users' community.

As a direct result of the security potential and native level integration within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem of FileWall, on Sep 30 odix joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA).

FileWall CSP Partner Program with free NFR license

On Oct 30, odix followed up on the success of FileWall with launch of the FileWall Partner Program. Through the FileWall CSP Partner Program, Microsoft CSPs have the opportunity to first use FileWall’s service and protect their mailboxes and then offer its value to their customers.

Upon registration to the FileWall CSP program, partners receive a free NFR license for their internal security protection. After successful completion of the program, the authorized partner can earn rewards through the Microsoft CSP platform and bundle the FileWall service via the Microsoft CSP portal.

odix Announces International Distribution Partners

2020 saw odix greatly expanding its international reach with a range of certified regional distributors. From Italy and the UAE to Greece and the UK, odix is partnering with the premier global cybersecurity companies to bring CDR malware protection to the people. Highlighting some of the latest partnerships from the past month:

Future Time: Italy
Paolo Monti and Emanuele Rammella, founding partners of Future Time commented: “We believe that the file-based approach of odix technology can provide our partners with a winning alternative to offering security solutions on the market today, helping them to reach new customers and thus increase their business. The exclusive distribution of a range of such cutting-edge products allows our company to fully satisfy the needs present in the IT security landscape.”

CyberIl: Israel
Avi Avraham, CEO of CyberIL stated: “In recent months we have witnessed a growing demand in the enterprise market for advanced security solutions. The trend of remote work and digital transformation is accelerating the reliance of organizations on cloud services and leading to an increase in attack areas. odix's file laundering solutions bring to the market protection capabilities that change the rules of the game.”

odix makes the rounds at industry events

Adjusting to the new normal has changed both the day-to-day interactions of teams as well as how they connect to potential users and industry peers. Before 2020, the lifeblood of any tech startup’s sales funnel and social calendar were expos and physical conferences.

With the majority of 2020’s conferences and expos going virtual, odix has pivoted its strategy of engagement to featured cybersecurity thought leadership in (newly) digital conferences such as on panels on Smart Cities in iHLS as well cybersecurity in professional sports, hosted by Sports Tech Nation 2020.

We recaped some of Dr. Eytan’s most notable insights from the iHLS panel in a recent blog. To see the blog and video click here.

2020 and Beyond

From new solutions and distributors to international recognition and highly respected partnerships, 2020 has been a major turning point as odix brings CDR malware protection to the SMB market. Expanding all the successes of the previous year, we look forward to enhancing malware prevention solutions to users, new and old, while trailblazing new roads for file-based attacks security for business of all sizes.

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Learn how to protect your network from malicious files while allowing a home office environment


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