Cybercriminals are exploiting security gaps to devastating consequences. With the risks so high OS hardening has increasingly been turned to limit the potential weaknesses that make systems vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Understanding this critical need of the IT community, odix has officially launched its hardened Ubuntu Operating-System based on the leading cybersecurity strengthening methodology on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Utilizing industry best practices and making them accessible to the IT community at large, the hardened Ubuntu and its corresponding hardening score validator are available as a complementary service to provide the most security to the masses.

Importance of CIS hardening

Operational System hardening is the process of securing a system by reducing its attack surface. The hardening process aims to minimize a computer or network’s exposure to threats and, as a result, mitigate possible cyber risks.

The hardening process, which should be reevaluated regularly often involves:

Hardening Security score validator

odix has developed a light & user-friendly tool that can determine the security level of servers and operating systems within a few minutes. After running the tool on your OS of choice, the IT team can comprehend their chances of being breached by external forces and improve their hardening level in order to mitigate the risk.

odix made this tool accessible for everyone and free of charge As a courtesy for the IT community, and security teams from SMBs to enterprises.

Getting your own Security Score Validator:

  1. On your web browser access odix’s Security Score Validator
  2. After a short verification, you’ll receive an email containing the download
  3. Download the security score validator tool, follow the instructions,and run it at your server of choice.
  4. Get the latest Hardened Ubuntu 20.04 LTS free of change on the Azure Marketplace today!

To learn more

To complement the Ubuntu Hardening script, Deep-File Inspection leaders, odix, have also developed a highly secured Hardened Ubuntu 20.04 LTS now available on the Azure marketplace. To ensure our Hardened Ubuntu can help as many people in the IT community as possible, we are offering the product for FREE on the Azure Marketplace.