The past year has brought significant growth and major developments across all elements of odix’s business. From exciting new partnerships and distribution agreements, product launches, major events and wide spead media coverage the past year has provided the entire odix family with a lot to be proud of.

In this blog we’ll highlight some of the biggest trends, stats and news stories which defined odix in 2021.

Well, there were a lot of ransomware attacks, that’s for sure.

According to Msspalert, through Sep 2021 there had already been half a billion ransomware attacks targeting businesses and end users with malicious disregard. With the rise of ransomware taking center stage the odix team hosted a number of events, bringing in globally recognized IT leaders to demystify the threats and bring practical solutions to the growing problem.

Chief among them, on Oct 26, odix hosted a lively discussion about the Future of Ransomware. The Panel featured a broad spectrum of IT professionals, from Patrick Bosh, Editor of Cyber Protection Magazine and seasoned veteran of SAP, Amir Rashad, CEO of supply chain management company, Cybersecurity & Compliance Manager at CountryMark Stephanie Scere as well as odix CTO Omri Eytan.

Thank god we’ve got FileWall to protect our clients.

Since FileWall was launched a year ago, it has already secured millions of files for over 60,000 users signed up for the service. To optimize FileWall’s protection capabilities for even larger networks we recently scaled our system to support more than 10,000 users per tenant. In the process we have enabled enterprises to fully realize the power of our TrueCDR technology.

We got great feedback from our users about our easy-of-use, modern feature-rich admin console, which allows a smooth few click activation, advanced file processing results, and pro-active insights mechanism.

As per our product’s availability, our solutions are now available on the leading online marketplaces such as Microsoft Azure & AppSource, IngramMicro’s CloudBlue, and This infrastructure has enabled us to grow our business partner network.

odix in the news

The media was pretty good for us in 2021. odix was mentioned in more than 200 publications worldwide including:

To compliment are external production , we produced tons of exciting panels, articles, and events. The new IT and cybersecurity programing was introduced through the odix studio in which we hosted cybersecurity experts and thoughts leaders from around the world. And has been leveraged by our own, in house cyber research.

Giving back to the IT Community

2021 was all about giving back to the IT community. We introduced a free plan for FileWall enabling any Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Administrator to sign up and get 5 user licenses.

Furthermore, we released a complimentary hardened Ubuntu Server available at Microsoft Azure. And if that was not enough, we’re now offering a unique security score tool for Ubuntu, to enable administrators to better assess their server security level.

2021 and beyond

From major inroads to global markets and exciting new product launches to dynamic partnerships and broad media coverage 2021 was a great year for odix. What do we wish for 2022? We’re looking forward to building on our momentum from the previous year to improve user experience and data security.

Stay tuned to see our progress and keep up to date with our exiting live events and panels.