odix won the tender to provide advanced cloud sanitization services to the Salesforce CRM deployment of the Ministry of Communications for the next five years

Rosh HaAyin Israel, May 26 2021 odix, the Israel-based cybersecurity leader focused on Deep File Inspection and CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) technology will provide the Israeli Ministry of Communications with Netfolder, its innovative file sanitization solution to protect against malware and zero-day attacks embedded in files within the secure corporate network.

odix won the tender to provide advanced cloud sanitization services to the Salesforce CRM deployment of the Ministry of Communications for the next five years. The project will be based on odix’s NetFolder system which is available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

NetFolder system was developed to protect organizations from cyberattacks based on embedded malware hidden within files. Through its integration with NetFolder, the MOC will now provide its users with an advanced layer of security, based on odix core TrueCDR algorithm. Following the security approach defined in Deep File inspection, any file that enters the corporate network is disassembled and reassembled, with any malicious code or component that is not essential to the file – left out.

The clean files keep their original functionality and are safe to use. odix file sanitization process is performed in real-time and does not affect system performance or business continuity. Thus, enterprise users protected by NetFolder can safely open files in everyday use (such as Office documents, PDFs, photos, and videos) without fear of malware or zero-day attacks.

NetFolder automatically performs a comprehensive sanitization process for every document or file that is uploaded to the tenders portal or to the Salesforce system of the Ministry of Communications. NetFolder also allows instant alerts concerning viruses and damage hidden in files, to add further transparency to prevent viruses from entering the corporate network, including corporate portals.

Dr. Oren Eytan, Founder, and CEO of odix: “In recent months, we have witnessed a growing demand in the enterprise market for advanced security solutions. Traditional solutions have shown significant value but still leave significant gaps. Consequently, organizations must look to new solutions based on technology that is blind to social or human circumstances. Our vision is to provide our customers the best and most advanced protection tools, so we are happy to bring the Ministry of Communications NetFolder’s advanced security capabilities.”

About odix

odix develops and markets advanced anti-malware tools based on its patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction (TrueCDR™) technology for preventative cybersecurity in enterprises of all sizes. odix technology prevents malware infiltration into organizational networks by removing all malicious code from a wide range of file types. Uniquely, odix protects files from unknown attacks, where legacy solutions fall short.

odix solutions are trusted by enterprises in diverse sectors such as industrial, finance, insurance, government, and others. odix operates from its headquarters in Israel and regional offices in the U.S. and Europe.