Atlanta-based cyber security experts now offering expanded cybersecurity solution

Atlanta, February 2, 2021 ─ Pillar Technology Partners and odix are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership, providing Pillar Technology Partner clients with odix’s best-in-class anti-malware, and file disarmament tools to add to the cyber security toolbox.

With malware attacks on the rise and the cyber security solutions landscape becoming more complex, more crowded and difficult to vet, businesses require a layered cyber security architecture to provide maximum protection.  The Pillar Technology Partners – odix partnership brings together deep information security expertise and a “Protect First” approach with a patented anti-malware technology that disarms malicious code from a file.

“The odix – Pillar Technology partnership allows Pillar to help clients address the critical threat vector with a unique and highly effective tool for disarming weaponized attachments.  We believe this partnership will allow us to improve security posture of Pillar clients, protecting them from threat actors,” says Skeet Spillane, Founder and CEO of Pillar.

“Pillar Technology Partners’ commitment to providing maximum information security protection in a layered architecture with world-class resources makes them an ideal partner,” explains Ilan Solel, Sales Director, North America, odix.  “The market of cybersecurity is becoming quite crowded.  We are pleased to have found such a deeply experienced partner in Pillar Technology Partners.  They are truly committed to protecting clients’ most valuable assets and have deep expertise in a variety of tools.”

Pillar Technology Partners’ world-class information security expertise and services combined with odix’s file sanitization tool shows a commitment to innovative solutions in information security and improved security posture for all.

About Pillar Technology Partners

Pillar Technology Partners is on the cutting edge of cybersecurity solutions.  As an expert-based information security services provider, Pillar is committed to helping clients understand, assess, remediate and operate their information security to provide maximum protection for the most valuable data assets.  From providing fractional CISOs, Cyber Engineering Teams and Incident Response Teams to bringing best-in-class tools to market, Pillar focuses solely on protecting organizations from information security threats.  Pillar Technology Partners makes cyber security simple.  To learn more about Pillar Technology Partners, visit:

About odix

odix develops and markets advanced anti-malware tools based on its patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction (TrueCDR™) technology for preventative cybersecurity in enterprises of all sizes. odix technology prevents the malware infiltration to organizational networks by removing all malicious code from a wide range of file types. Uniquely, odix protects files from unknown attacks, where legacy solutions fall short.

odix solutions are trusted by enterprises in diverse sectors such as industrial, finance, insurance, government and others. odix operates from its headquarters in Israel and regional offices in the U.S. and Europe.

To learn more about odix, visit

For all media inquiries, please contact Yehudah Sunshine, Head of PR, odix: