C-Data joins the odix partner network, expanding the reach of FileWall for Microsoft 365

Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel, Nov 30, 2021: C-Data, a leading Israel based information security solution distributor, will market and implement the advanced security solutions developed by odix, a world leader in deep file inspection technology in the Israeli market. odix’s security solutions protect enterprise users from malicious intrusion through files containing embedded malware that attacks the organization when the user opens the file innocently.

As part of the agreement, C-Data will work to distribute and implement a variety of sanitization solutions, including FileWall ™, a unique content disarm and reconstruction based plugin for Microsoft 365 e-mail users.

C-Data is a leading distribution company for the distribution of computer products, information security, communications and high-quality equipment from leading brands in Israel, such as: F5, Check Point, Microsoft, HP, Dell, VMware and more.

The agreement will allow C-Data distributors to bundle packages of Microsoft 365 licenses with FileWall as an additional layer of protection to prevents attachment files containing potential malicious code from infiltrating the organization.

With the use of odix’s file protection capabilities, enterprise users can safely open files in everyday use (such as Office documents, PDFs, photos and videos) without fear of a new and unknown virus being hidden in one of them. odix’s solutions work in full integration with Microsoft security solutions and can be purchased through C-Data’s Marketplace.

Doron Bason, Managing Director at C-Data Cloud: “In recent months we have witnessed a growing demand in the enterprise market for advanced security solutions. The email channel has become the main attack channel for hackers and antivirus-based solutions that can be hacked. The rules of the game now demand an additional set of advanced solutions that we now can offer to our distribution and to our customers today and in the future though our partnership with odix. ”

Dr. Oren Eytan, CEO at odix: “We are excited with the cooperation with C-Data and are confident that its comprehensive distribution network throughout Israel will enable odix’s technology become accessible to many organizations in the country and strengthen the cyber protection system of these companies.”

About Odix

odix, an established cyber security leader in Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) Technology that provides preventative cybersecurity solutions to enterprises of all sizes. odix` technology prevents the insertion of malware to organizational networks by removing all malicious code from a wide range of file types.

Uniquely, odix protects files from unknown attacks, where legacy solutions fall short.

odix solutions are trusted by enterprises in diverse sectors such as industrial, finance, insurance, government and others. odix operates from its headquarters in Israel and regional offices in USA and Europe.

To learn more about odix visit odi-x.com.