The Healthcare sector has been a desirable target for hackers since the invention of malware, the world’s first documented ransomware was transmitted over a floppy disk named “AIDS” distributed to doctors at an international conference back in 1989. Since then, threat actors are taking advantage of the critical data, equipment, and media records stored (and needed to be available to save human life) to extort billions of dollars and cause mayhem across the system.

The UK-based International Congress for Health Specialties (or ICHS) is an NPO dedicated to advanced medical education, research, innovation, and excellence across the healthcare sector regardless of geographical boundaries.

odix is proud to collaborate with the ICHS by providing professional cybersecurity awareness tips, guides, and best practices to protect against hackers, cybercriminal groups, and state-sponsored threat actors aiming at the healthcare sector. Through mutual activities such as eBooks, infographics, and other custom-made collateral, we hope to enhance the cyber awareness of medical staff and personnel to be better aware of the challenges they are facing against.

To read odix and ICHS’s co-branded eBook for cybersecurity in the healthcare industry, click here.