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Add FileWall to your Exchange online deployment and gain

Malware-free email attachments for safe usage

Utilizing patented deep file inspection technology

Easy deployment (3 clicks)

Suitable to work as add-on with EOP & ATP

Why are MSPs and CSPs being targeted?

Attacking a single MSP or CSP allows the access to many potential victims in one successful attack.

That’s what makes MSP and CSP an attractive target for hackers.

According to Dark Reading: “Many small to midsize businesses (SMBs) rely on MSPs to assist them with cost-effective management of IT infrastructure, monitoring, and general support. Companies regularly put their trust in MSPs to protect their data, but we have to remember that MSPs are often small businesses themselves.”

FileWall for MSPs/CSPs

When it comes to cyber security tools deployment, we believe that priorities should be set according to the vulnerability risk. With over 94% of Malware delivered via email, it is a fact that email serves as the number one attack channel.

We created FileWall to protect SMBs from email attachments cyber-attacks and we offer MSPs and CSPs to join our free NFR license program and protect their Microsoft 365 mailboxes

Enabling Microsoft 365 admins bring premium security to their users

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