odix CDR Case Studies:

Public Government Services – Web upload from public to Gov. network

  • Industry: Government public services 

  • Customer: Council for Culture and the Arts 

  • Problem: How to securely upload files from public to Gov. (Web upload)

  • Solution: odix NetFolder for web uploads

Along with support for education, health, sport and environmental quality, the Council began, over a decade ago, to allocate considerable resources to cultural and artistic development in the state. The Council for Culture and the Arts invests effort and encourages initiatives that strengthen the position of local creators throughout the world.

Challenge: The council runs many campaigns during the year targeting a variety of artists, who upload various types of files to the council’s network on a daily basis. This exposes the organization to the danger of malware, which could be embedded in data received from third parties, and could infect the network.

Solution: odix developed a unique web upload app especially for the council’s network. The app scans all incoming files with the full odix process, preventing entry of any unrecognized malware into the network.

Benefits: Since adopting the odix system, a large variety of files have been uploaded to the council’s network and scanned using the odix process. Happily, no cyber-attacks or viruses were experienced by the council during this period.

More details on how to scan and sanitize files on the move – see here

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