odix CDR Case Studies:

Insurance and Financial Services

  • Industry: Insurance and Financial Services

  • Customer:  Large insurance company

  • Problem: Securing all files insertion channels in corporate network

  • Solutions: 

Our client is a large insurance and financial group, with more than 3 million insured parties. Its customers benefit from the company’s professional and advanced service base, as well as close ties with medical institutions, hospitals and medical service centers worldwide.

Challenge: Company was looking for a solution that will eliminate the threat of downloading malicious files from the network, ensuring secure browsing in company’s network, that would interface with their file server. Another file insertion channel the company identified as a big risk are removable media devices (USB drives, CD, DVD etc.).


Solution: Using the odix CDR engine, web browsing is secured – ensuring all files downloaded from the website are malware-free. All files on the move i.e. files on transfer between networks are also being automatically scan using the odix NetFolder plugin.
Removable media is scanned by odix Kiosks. ALL odix solutions are installed on customer’s premise and are controlled by a single odix Management Server.


Benefits: odix provides total file security by easily interfacing with secure browsing vendor solutions, providing a safe browsing environment for the organizations, and ensuring all files running in the network are scanned and safe to use. Customer scans (odixed) more than 20,000 files daily.

More details about odix CDR solution for corporate networks – see here

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