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Healthcare – Secured Files Archiving (Government)

  • Industry: Healthcare

  • Customer:  Ministry of Health (MOH)

  • Problem: How to archive only clean and safe files?

  • Solution: odix SAFE for CyberArk Vault

The Ministry of Health (MoH) bears national responsibility for ensuring the health of the general population. The ministry determines the policy on matters of health and medical services, and is in charge of planning, supervision and control, licensing and coordination of the healthcare system’s services.

The MoH deals with the organization, operation and provision of preventive, diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation and research services – directly or via medical institutions. The ministry provides health services in the fields of hospitalization and preventive medicine, and insures the population on matters of mental health, geriatrics, public health and rehabilitation devices.



MoH archives all medical information on a daily basis. All healthcare organizations in the country – including hospitals, clinics, HMOs, and more – are required to back up data on the main MoH network. As the focal point of all healthcare organizations, country-wide, MoH needs to ensure that all archived data – more than 1,000,000 files per month, stored in CyberArk vaults – is secure from malicious code.


odix solution for CyberArk Vault provides total protection for the stored archived data, once files are being transferred from the vaults odix process verifies that the files are clear and secured from malware.



Since the odix vaults solution was implemented in MoH, few millions of files where odixed prior to storing in the vaults –  no cyber-attacks or viruses were experienced.

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