odix CDR Case Studies:

Finance Sector – Large EU Bank

  • Industry: Finance

  • Customer: Large European bank

  • Problem: How to securely insert files from removable media into the network?

  • Solution: odix Kiosks


Like any modern financial institute, this European bank is exposed to massive cyber-attacks, which threaten its network on a daily basis. After identifying removable media as one of its most vulnerable channels, the bank blocked all external ports and CD drives to protect the network and avoid attacks. Yet with thousands of employees, the bank needed to provide a solution for a smooth flow of external data. This solution needed to comply with stringent security requirements, while offering smooth implementation, easy operation and simple maintenance.


The Bank installed odix Kiosk stations in its departments, leveraging the odix gateway to ensure that all removable media devices attached to the network are malware-free.


Satisfied that it found the best solution to enable safe access to removable media without endangering the network, the bank is currently considering purchase of additional odix solutions to ensure safe insertion of files from multiple media channels. In addition, ODI helps the bank maintain compliance with the European GDPR directive, which mandates that companies collecting or processing personal data do not compromise that data. Enforcement of this standard will begin in May 2018.

More details on why the odix Kiosk is the most efficient way to scan removable media – see here

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