odix CDR Case Studies:

Critical Infrastructure (Energy) – US Power Plant 

  • Industry: Critical Infrastructure (Energy)

  • Customer: US Power Plant 

  • Problem: How to securely insert files  into the ICS network?

  • Solution: odix Kiosks for air-gapped networks


US Power Plant’s highly-secure critical infrastructure network is air-gapped, completely blocking access to external files, except via removable media.  Yet one of the most severe threats to any organization is files inserted via removable media like USB drives, CDs, DVDs, and portable hard disks – and malware attacks take advantage of this vulnerability.


US Power Plant implemented the odix Kiosk solution. Ideal for critical infrastructure organizations with air-gapped networks, the odix Kiosk does not need to be connected to the organizational network. This configuration makes odix Kiosk a safe and secure solution for inserting files into such networks.


After scanning files from removable media, the odix Kiosk stores them on a writable DVD. Then, the clean files can be safely inserted into the air-gapped system.

Secure ICS / SCADA networks. Deployment assists the customer to meet NERC-CIP and NIST 800-53 requirements.

odix Kiosks – ICS / SCADA Network Diagram (Air Gap)

ICS security kiosk

Kiosk AiO version

More details on why the odix Kiosk is the most efficient way to scan removable media see here

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