Get Your Free FileWall NFR License for your internal use

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Smarter Protection Against Email-Based Ransomware and Malware Attacks

Free FileWall NFR License for MSPs and CSPs

Get Your Free FileWall NFR License for your internal use

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Protect Yourself. Protect Your Clients

Email is the number one attack channel, representing over 94% of malware attacks. To protect SMBs from email attachment-based cyberattacks, we created FileWall with content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology.

Hackers often target MSPs and CSPs to gain access to their SMB clients, so it is essential that they are protected. We are now offering free NFR licenses to MSPs and CSPs to protect their internal Microsoft 365 mailboxes

Stay Safe with Nextgen Technology

The effective FileWall plugin uses a patented algorithm to eliminate malware hidden in files. Instead of the traditional method of trying to detect known malware and block the file for the user, FileWall quickly disarms malware and provides a sanitized file for safe usage.

Why protect Microsoft 365 mail with FileWall?

One-click service activation for seamless deployment

Effective for both internal and
external senders

Protects against both known and
unknown attacks

Suitable to work
as an add-on with
EOP & Defender

High level of client adoption with no sandbox-related delays

Deep file analysis including archive, password-protected, etc

Why Microsoft 365 Admins Rave About FileWall

Filewall provides enterprise-grade protection all within a few clicks to install. It allows us to take control of our email security policies and caters to a wide range of use cases while most importantly sanitizing potential threats before they can do harm.

Krste Kovaceski, Microsoft 365 Consultant

Filewall is easy to implement and administrate. The interface is very user friendly and even a person without experience in email security will be able to understand. When a new policy is created it is immediately replicated without a long propagation period.

Kostadin Lukov, Certified Microsoft CSP

FileWall...checks and eliminates the malicious part and provides a fully accessible file. Every Microsoft 365 administrator will be grateful to have FileWall in their Exchange Online Environment.

Dusan Stamenkovic, Microsoft Azure and 365 Solutions Architect

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