odix Kiosk

Eliminating the Threat of Malware from Removable Media

Removable media like USB drives, thumb drives, CD/DVDs, and external hard drives are common data transfer vector susceptible to malware attacks (i.e. bad USB). Users innocently connect removable media to network-connected endpoints without understanding the risk to be hacked.

51% Sanitization in P r og r ess

The solution: odix Kiosk, a file sanitization station

The odix Kiosk is a Linux-based hardened workstation dedicated to safely introducing files from removable media. The odix cybersecurity Kiosk has no hard disk and both the operating system and software are SATADOM-based – completely neutralizing the possibility of malicious manipulation. With encrypted operating system, this solution has the highest resistance against cyber attacks of any kind.
The station enables users to plug in any removable media sources, sanitize and ensure that all files are safe to use. odix Kiosk is a perfect solution for secured data exchange from USB flash memory devices to a network (or other devices).

Kiosk Advantages

Isolated from company's network

Sanitization process
done on kiosk itself


Preventive sanitizing

Eliminates ALL
malware threats

File type validation

Over  11,000
file types supported

Highly secured

No re-writable
components on the Kiosk

Highly secured

management console
is separated from kiosks


reinforced Linux operating
system and operating

Management Console

for easy policies settings
and 360° visibility

Ready Set Go!

Easy deployment

user friendly configuration
and setting

20% 80%

How does the odix Kiosk Work?

The odix Kiosk is powered by odix Security’s field-proven Deep File Analysis technology and includes Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) engine. This TrueCDR™ patented technology scans disarms and rebuilds files into clean versions that can be safely introduced to any network. odix Kiosk removes both known and unknown malicious code from a wide range of file types using odix proprietary CDR technology.

Deep File Analysis Process

Type Size Source Channel


Multi Anti
Virus Scan





Designed for Highly Secured Networks

When it comes to OT networks, especially in the industrial control system (ICS) sector isolation, becomes mandatory. odix Kiosk includes an isolated deployment scenario without connectivity to the organization network. This type of deployment is designed for air-gapped networks; operational, ICS, SCADA etc.

The sensitization process (Deep File analysis) is done on the malware scanning kiosk itself, isolating potential threats from the network. Only clean and safe files are sent to the network via the management server or email.

Reporting, Management and Visibility

The Kiosk includes a management console enabling the setting, configuration, monitoring, reporting and provides holistic management of all the solution components. The management server includes the following functionalities: users managements, profiles and associated security policies, multi Anti-virus updates, data logs and more.