The imperative of cyber defence, threat prevention, detection, and file sanitization, all while upholding data integrity and business continuity is paramount, in today’s digital landscape. Due to rapid advances in technology, companies need to update their solutions promptly and effectively against hackers. The problem for most companies lies in the fact that current anti-malware solutions cannot detect most new malware when they first appear. The weakest link in an organization’s cybersecurity infrastructure is unknown malware hidden in files, bypassing the existing cybersecurity systems.

In modern manufacturing, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Operational Technology (OT) are indispensable. When it comes to managing these systems and ensuring security, the odix Kiosk proves invaluable. Its seamless integration within isolated networks and efficient handling of removable media are pivotal for continued safe operations in such environments. Whether it’s the bustling manufacturing floor or critical infrastructure facilities, the odix Kiosk’s ability to provide robust security, with an easy-to-use user interface (UI), makes it an essential component for organizations striving to maintain a secure operational environment. When not using the odix Kiosk, the organization is widely exposed to threats entering the network causing havoc and business disruptions, such as vicious hacker malware attacks and zero-day malware attacks.

The odix Kiosk multi-line of defense includes multiple wide-coverage antivirus (AV) engines and odix’s patented TrueCDR™, eliminating zero-day attacks. TrueCDR™ scans whatever isn’t detected by the AVs and works in combination with the Kiosk solution. TrueCDR™ is a game changer in security, offering all the benefits of advanced technology while providing assurance that the original file is not corrupted or replaced with a distorted version.

odix Kiosks: Floor-standing, Ruggedized Wall mount and AiO (All in One) desk top version

7 key features & benefits of the odix Kiosk:

  1. Multi-lines of Defense

At the core of the odix Kiosk lies a suite of pivotal security features designed to fortify organizational defenses. These include rigorous policy enforcement mechanisms, extensive file type validation capabilities covering over 11,000 file types, and the innovative TrueCDR™ technology. By mandating the Kiosk’s use, organizations can significantly mitigate their attack surface, bolstered further by the application of Zero Trust principles in both antivirus (AV) scans and TrueCDR™ operations.

  1. Flexibility in deployment

Recognizing the diverse network infrastructures of organizations, the odix Kiosk offers unparalleled flexibility in deployment. Whether organizations opt to deploy the Management Console separately or within the kiosk system, the solution accommodates their preferences and security requirements with seamless integration. This adaptability ensures that regardless of the network architecture, the odix Kiosk can be tailored to provide optimal protection while maintaining operational efficiency.

  1. Hardware and operating system

The odix kiosk is a Linux-based hardened workstation dedicated to safely introducing files from removable media. Its straightforward system makes it significantly harder for hackers to breach than a Windows-based system. It is read-only, meaning nothing is stored on the kiosk itself, so it cannot be written on. Even if a hacker breaks in, they won’t be able to harm the system. A quick reboot will restore the system to its initial stage.

  1. Business continuity

odix’s TrueCDR™ allows for business continuity, ensuring that the intended data in the file is delivered timely to the end user. This removes the requirement for an IT administrator to contact the file’s intended recipient and ask about the content, saving hours per day in a process that previously left much to a decision by an administrator to release or quarantine a file, usually under pressure from the end user who was waiting on the content.

  1. The need for speed

In today’s fast-paced digital world, speed is crucial for effective cybersecurity. The odix Kiosk stands out as the fastest solution on the market, offering comprehensive rapid file sanitization that can take only seconds, depending on file type, size and complexity. This swift processing ensures efficient threat detection and mitigation, allowing organizations to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats without sacrificing accuracy or performance.

  1. Easy & simple to use

Any security tool, no matter how secure, is useless if it isn’t utilized. The Kiosk must be simple and easy to use and provide value to the end user, or they won’t use it. A policy can be set to mandate the Kiosk’s use, but unless it is painless, or close to it, users will look for other ways. odix understands this and makes every effort to minimize the friction for the end-user while maintaining the stringent security requirements. odix’s Kiosk has a user-friendly interface, available in many languages, that is simple to use. Security protocols, compliance reports, audit logs and email workflow notifications are available by default.

  1. It’s all about the people

At odix, our commitment to excellence extends beyond technological innovation – it’s rooted in our people-centric approach. We prioritize our clients’ needs, actively listening to their feedback and continuously enhancing our solutions to improve security and streamline user experiences. By doing so, we ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction and minimize burdens for security administrators, allowing them to focus on core security issues.

In Summary

Our team’s dedication to sanitation is underscored by our founder’s military credentials and extensive cybersecurity experience. With a steadfast commitment to providing the best customer service and support, we strive to uphold the highest standards of security in the industry. It’s this unwavering dedication that has earned odix a reputation for excellence.

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