On March 11, 2020, odix CEO Dr. Oren Eytan participated in a fascinating conversation with Mike Jones of the H4unt3d Hacker podcast. Jones, who is a former US military, ex-hacktivist, and founding member of Anonymous, red team assessor, and penetration tester extraordinaire guides this extended podcast where Dr. Eytan touches upon his extensive experience leading Israel’s cyber defense and how odix is leading the fight against malware and zero-day attacks.

We have highlighted some of the most interesting clips below.

Who is Oren Eytan?

What is it like working in the Israeli Military Cyber Defense and how is it different than the private sector?

What is odix and how does it fight malware?

How does the CDR deep file analysis purge encrypted and password-protected files?

Vulnerabilities and attacks to Microsoft 365 and the impact of SolarWinds

Will Stuxnet happen again?

Word association with odix CEO Dr. Oren Eytan