ODI’s patented technology has been focused on changing the malware prevention industry. Today, we are very excited to announce that ODI is also changing its brand to odix to make sure we honor the unique technology our team has created.

ODI will remain the legal entity of the company, and the corporate structure is not changed.

So why not keep the original ODI name? We have few good reasons.

A Revolutionary Malware Prevention Process Deserves its Own Name

ODI has created a revolutionary, military grade malware prevention technology that sanitizes outgoing and incoming files. The software disarms files from potential threats and generates a safe copy to users automatically, immediately and seamlessly.

You might know this process as CDR, or Content Disarm and Reconstruction. That’s the name Gartner gave it. But back when we started, there was no name for this process, so we called it Deep File Analysis.

That said, while the available anti-malware solutions in the market only protect files from known cybersecurity threats, odix protects files from both known and unrecognized malware.

We figured that a unique technology needs to have its own name, that symbols the magical process we do with files.

From Services to Product Company

ODI stands for Operation & Data Integrity. And a fun fact – it’s also the first name initials of Dr. Oren Eytan and David (Dudu) Geva, our two co-founders.

When Oren and David founded the company years ago, it was a cybersecurity services company. As they worked with more and more companies, Oren and David recognized a need to approach files in a different manner, and decided to do something about it.

And so, they created the odix technology that sanitizes files.

So far, both the services part and the product part of the company operated under the same roof, as one company. However, a while back, the services division officially spun off and became its own separate company.

We feel it is the right time to rebrand the product company and convey our clear focus on changing the game for enterprises and SMEs.

What Hasn’t Changed with Our Brand Name Change

As part of the brand change, we are launching a new, more modern website, to represent this new identity and make it easier for you to access important information. We’d love your feedback on it, so we can keep improving and make sure it serves you well.

We thought we’d share the story behind the new odix brand as we introduce the new site, but we also want to highlight : One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to our clients’ safety and growth. That will continue to be our driving force, and it’s something that will never change.