Microsoft is helping certified CSPs to accelerate sales for selected transact apps available through the Microsoft Marketplaces, offering up to $20,000 sponsorship for marketing activities. We are proud to be part of the transact apps list with FileWall and invite Microsoft CSPs to join this go-to-market benefit program and boost FileWall sales with us.

These special benefits are offered for a full range of marketing activities, but they must be executed by March 15, so we encourage you to take advantage of the offer ASAP!

What is FileWall?

FileWall is a native file sanitization plugin for all Microsoft 365 mailboxes. Leveraging odix’s unique Deep File Analysis technology and Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) algorithm, FileWall complements Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP) & Defender (formerly Advanced Threat Protection – ATP), providing effective, real-time protection against email attachment-based attacks.

FileWall removes email attachment-based threats before they reach the user’s inbox. With over 94% of malware delivered via email, hackers hide malicious code in standard files such as PDFs and Office documents to transfer and spread the attack. New malware is released daily, bypassing standard security systems that use detection-based anti-malware methods, FileWall can stop those threats!

What does the program entail and who can apply?

The $20,000 grant for onboarding, digital marketing, and webinars is available to CSPs who

  • Commit to selling a marketplace private offer from ISV
  • Provide a proposal that illustrates the fair market benefits being received

These funds are aimed to supercharge your CSP’s deployment and marketing of vital and innovative solutions now available on the Microsoft Marketplace. When applied towards partnering with odix, you have the potential to bring your clients’ email security to new heights.

How do I join the program?

To apply to join the Microsoft Marketplace GTM Funds for CSP fill out the following form and select FileWall by odix.

To learn more about the program as well as how odix’s deep file inspection solutions can help your organization in the battle against file-based malware contact us at