A survey done by ODI verifies that company’s customers were not affected by recent cyber-attacks due to ODI’s malware prevention solution.

Due to recent ransomware attacks on numerous organizations around the world, ODI has conducted a quick survey among its customers in order to verify that they were not damaged by this ransomware. Results were unambiguous – none of ODIX CDR users were affected by malware of any type and benefit from a full malware prevention solution .

ODI malware prevention solution called ODIX CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction) provides a way to be in front of the threats, preventing the insertion of malware, ransomware and other malicious activities. ODI’s 360-degree solution addresses all the threat vectors where attackers penetrate your organization.  The ODIX CDR solution covers email, external devices, FTP, web browsers, endpoints, file servers, cloud email and webmail programs.

ODIX CDR solution works by processing all incoming files, removing the elements that do not match the file type’s standards or set policies. The ODIX CDR technology then rebuilds the files into clean versions that can be sent on to end users as intended. Because ODIX CDR removes all potentially malicious code, it can be effective against zero-day vulnerabilities that rely on being an unknown threat that other security technologies would need to patch against to maintain protection.

About ODI Security Systems:

ODI is a privately-owned company providing unique cyber security solutions, based on its patented Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) technology, to variety of companies and enterprises of all sizes.

The innovation of ODI has a proactive and preventive nature that copes with known, unknown and future attacks that current tools can’t handle.

ODI has assembled a team of cyber experts to develop its unique cyber security solutions.

Company’s security experts analyze various of threats, attack vectors and patterns to ensure that the process have Proactive & Preventive nature, which is the only effective way to block sophisticated known and unknown cyber-attacks.

ODI’s distribution strategy is worldwide, and is based on cooperation with local IT/security integrators for local presence of marketing, presale, integration, installation, maintenance and support.

We will be happy to provide malware prevention solutions to your company as well, Please contact us and we will assist you in achieving a full malware prevention that fits your company’s needs.

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