FileWall™ was recently included as part of Microsoft’s “16 Reasons to Sell Teams Apps” eBook.

Microsoft Teams is a cross-functional platform that offers a wide range of workplace tools, apps, and services for employees, teams, co-workers, and colleagues to deliver better results, advance the team’s productivity, and ease communication between all parties.

With more than 145,000,000 daily users, the increase of organizations enacting remote or hybrid working policies, and the growth in users’ adoption of marketplace products, Microsoft Teams has proven itself to be a key element in the company’s usage for everyday communication, collaboration, file sharing productivity, and more.

In addition to its built-in functions, Microsoft Teams also supports and encourages the usage of application integration, allowing employees to have an ideal working experience.

Today, thousands of add-on app integrations are available for quick deployment with the Microsoft Teams. According to’s “state-of-cloud-marketplaces” report, 42% of buyers mentioned that their marketplace purchasing decision is based on the “time to value”, 43% admitted that their main reason for purchasing through the Marketplace is their spending committed to the cloud providers and 95% of Fortune 500  companies (as well as Microsoft’s top 200 customers) are using the Microsoft marketplace.

With numerous available integrations for productivity, communication, project management, HR, finance, security, and more, it is no wonder that 61% of buyers said that in 2021 they had purchased at least one software through one of the Cloud Marketplaces.

In its recent eBook, Microsoft presented 16 channel-ready applications for CSPs available at the Microsoft Marketplace. These apps help CSPs increasing their revenues and deal sizes with their M365 customers while improving security and productivity.

Microsoft selected FileWall as a channel-ready app based on its ability to be deployed as a native security layer for Microsoft 365 Exchange online mailboxes. The FileWall partners program offers Microsoft CSPs attractive margins, ready-to-use marketing collateral, and an easy onboarding process.

What is FileWall?

FileWall provides an easy-click deployment and is designed to run in conjunction with existing Microsoft security solutions such as Microsoft Defender and EOP, ensuring complete prevention against unknown attacks delivered via email attachments. FileWall Integrates with Azure Sentinel, allowing current transmission for threat indicators & events.

FileWall effectively disarms any potentially unknown malicious code from email attachments using its proprietary Deep-File Analysis detection-less technology. FileWall patented algorithm disarms malware, ransomware, zero-day, and APTs in files, ensures that every file is being been receiving malware-free,  and is considered by leading analysts as an addition or replacement to existing anti-malware technologies such as anti-viruses and sandboxes.

What is FileWall chatbot?

The FileWall chatbot allows IT administrators to use the FileWall Teams app to easily manage service notifications & alerts. Microsoft 365 administrators who use FileWall can set, enforce and manage policies on both organization and user level, defining which file types and active elements are allowed and to which users.

FileWall is available for a 30-day free trial. Click here to get started. Also, the FileWall chatbot for Microsoft Teams is available through the odix’s resource center or the Microsoft AppSource.

Marketplaces- the future of B2B IT shopping

83% of B2B companies said they are likely or extremely likely to purchase through the Marketplace in the future. This number illustrates that the trend of IT apps consumptions via marketplaces is on the rise. It is estimated that channel partners and cloud service providers who will early adopt the use of integrated apps available in marketplaces will differentiate their offerings and grow their business. Moreover, the common belief is that the marketplaces will accelerate to be one of the fastest growing cloud services by 2026.

To get a free copy of the “16 Reasons to Sell Teams Apps: Discover channel-ready apps that can grow your Microsoft 365 accounts” eBook, click here.