odix will provide advanced cloud and file sanitization services to CountryMark through a range of odix’s advanced deep file inspection products

Atlanta, USA, Oct 19, 2021: odix, the cybersecurity leader focused on Deep File Inspection and CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) technology will provide CountryMark with odix’s innovative file sanitization solutions to protect their users from malware and zero-day attacks embedded in files within the secure corporate network.

CountryMark is an American-owned oil exploration, production, refining, and marketing company that supplies fuels and lubricants to farms, fleets, and families across the Midwest.

With the rapid rise of ransomware and file-based attacks, CountryMark has continuously sought out effective technologies to increase their security level and ensure that all data assets are safe. To meet the growing needs for file-based protections via email and through self-service portals, CountryMark chose to deploy FileWall for Microsoft Exchange Online users and NetFolder for file sanitization for file uploads.

With the addition of odix’s deep file inspection solutions, CountryMark can be assured, that its employees are safely opening files in everyday use (such as Office documents, PDFs, photos, and videos) without fear of malware or zero-day attacks penetrating the organizational network.

“File based attacks are one of the most impactful attack vectors the market is currently facing,” said Stephanie Scere, CountryMark’s Manager of Cyber Security and Compliance. “Although most of the Enterprises invest millions in cyber security tools, they remain vulnerable to new zero-day attacks and malware which bypasses common type filters. We have partnered with odix to address one of the weakest points in many organizations’ cyber security infrastructure.”

odix CEO, Dr. Oren Eytan adds, “We are excited to welcome CountryMark to our customer base. As a leading energy refining and exploration player in the American oil market, we look forward to bringing our advanced, file-based attack solutions to mitigate the rise of cyber threats and ensure that business operations are not impacted by the risk of malware and zero-day attacks.”

About odix

odix develops and markets advanced anti-malware tools based on its patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction (TrueCDR™) technology for preventative cybersecurity in enterprises of all sizes. odix technology prevents malware infiltration into organizational networks by removing all malicious code from a wide range of file types. Uniquely, odix protects files from unknown attacks, where legacy solutions fall short.

odix solutions are trusted by enterprises in diverse sectors such as industrial, finance, insurance, government, and others. odix operates from its headquarters in Israel and regional offices in the U.S. and Europe.

About CountryMark

CountryMark is an oil exploration, production, refining and marketing company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. CountryMark fuels are available at more than 120 branded fuel stations across the Midwest.

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