ODI announces first CDR anti-malware solution for managed security service providers (MSSPs)

As part of a company strategy to provide its TrueCDR™ anti-malware technology as-a-service, ODI announces a new version of the ODIX Kiosk especially designed for managed security service providers and distributed networks. The company plans to add more TrueCDR™ applications as-a-service in the near future, such as secure file transfer, email, web upload/download, and more.

ODI develops and markets advanced anti-malware tools based on Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology for preventive cybersecurity in enterprises of all sizes. ODI’s TrueCDR™ technology prevents malware infiltration of organizational networks by removing all malicious code from a wide range of file types. Unlike legacy anti-malware technologies, ODI’s solutions are effective against both known and unknown malware.

ODI made the strategic decision to offer its anti-malware technology as-a-service in order to make it more accessible to all businesses from large corporations to SMBs. The first step is to provide applications specially designed for MSSP architecture. The guidelines of this architecture include easy-to-install solutions with full support of a central management server installed on the MSSP private cloud, along with the ability to charge customers periodically.

ICS security kiosk

Kiosk AiO version

The first cloud-based solution, with more in the pipeline, is an upgraded version of the ODIX Kiosk with the release of version 8.0. The ODIX Kiosk is a Linux-based, hardened, file-sanitizing station dedicated to safely introducing files into the network from removable media (USB drives, memory stick, CD/DVD, etc.).

The ODIX Kiosk is an essential component of any cyber-security architecture plan, protecting a dangerous, yet neglected, malware insertion channel—removable media. The new ODIX Kiosk 8.0 will allow more companies to protect themselves when using USB drives and other portable media by deploying this solution as a managed service with a much lower total cost of ownership.

The new Kiosk also meets the requirement of large, distributed business entities to deploy anti-malware stations in separate locations while managing them from a central location.


The new main features of ODIX Kiosk 8.0 are:

  • Improved central management capabilities, such as:
    • Single management server to support all MSSP customers
    • Separate configuration per Kiosk or group of Kiosks
    • Improved logging process
    • Improved analytics and statistics
  • Output of scanned files to a local file server (in addition to the option to send scanned files to a clean USB drive or DVD)
  • All-in-One PCs and touch screen support
  • New UI languages: German, Spanish, Swedish, and more
  • Seamless installation—plug-and-play at customer site
  • White labeling option
anti malware station MSSP

Diagram – ODIX Kiosk for MSSP network (or for distributed networks)


“ODIX TrueCDR™ technology is the most effective tool to protect a network from file-based malware attacks, known and unknown,” says Dr. Oren Eytan, ODI CEO, “but although this technology is very powerful and commercially mature, we find that companies, especially SMBs, are having difficulties in deploying it. This is the reason ODI will start offering its technology as a service, and the ODIX Kiosk 8.0 is the pioneer.”

ODIX Kiosk 8.0 is now generally available, and MSSPs are welcome to sign in to a commercial pilot program before offering the solution to their customers.

The company plans to add more TrueCDR™ applications as-a-service in the near future, including secure file transfer, sanitizing email attachments, web upload/download, and more.

Security service providers can now offer the

ODIX Anti-Malware Kiosk as a service

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