Labgroup strikes down Malware with ODI

Labgroup, the first company obtaining the PSDC status in

Bernard Moreau and David Geva

Luxembourg, goes further and just finalized the implementation of a cyber security solution to protect emails and information exchange with customers from Malware.

The cybersecurity solution has been developed by the Israeli company ODI. Industry-leading, ODI has developed a cybersecurity solution around proprietary algorithms that sanitize any file from Malware.

David Geva, Co-CEO, was present during the deployment of this solution within Labgroup, where he had the opportunity to meet Bernard Moreau, CEO of Labgroup. Both agreed about the risks that malware represents to organizations and, even more, when it comes to strongly regulated organizations, like in the case of Labgroup. 

This solution benefits Labgroup and its customers as well, because ODI processes have been integrated between the exchange data channels, protecting both parties.

ODI portfolio of solutions is bullet proof efficient against ransomware, cryptolocker and distributed Malware Attack (DMA) – the most sophisticated malware examples.

All the files are considered as malicious and, therefore, subjected to sanitization before being delivered. This is a unique process patented by ODI.

With this ‘first of its kind’ implementation Labgroup is protecting its infrastructure and customers from this increasingly common threat.

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