odix Management Server enables corporate security policy enforcement, permissions management, analytics and forensics. The odix Management Server provides control on all the steps in the file sanitization process and provides indications about any sanitized or blocked file.

odix Management Server performs several functions including:

Security Policy Enforcement – flexibly defines the types of files allowed to enter the network (blacklist & whitelist) and what scanning types to perform on each file type.

User Profiles – Establishes user security policies according to groups or individual users.

Updates – Sends updates to the sanitizing core, the five antivirus engines and to all odix products in the network.

Analysis – Stores full logs on odix file sensitization activities for analysis and forensics. export all log to XLS.

Notifications – Sends notifications to admins and users and to network monitoring systems such as SIEM-SOC.

Connectivity – The management server is connected to several organizational servers including:

Organizational Active Directory (AD) server

An organizational file server to which all sanitized files can be transferred to.

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